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Cleaning Services
Vezimvelo Cleaning Services was established to serve as a one stop shop, one facility at a time,and offer a wide range of professional cleaning services.We intend to grow the company by integrating our cleaning, landscaping,transport & maintenance divisions to offer a diverse service. The company comprises highly trained and experienced individuals who have vast experience in the field of cleaning services. We use SABS approved technologically advanced  hygiene cleaning equipment and consumables.Hygiene products include toilet papers,hand soap,air fresheners,sanitary bins,soap and hand towel dispensers. ln order to deliver world class service to all our valued clients,our teams are regularly trained in-house in order to up-grade their skills.

B-BBEE Vezimvelo Cleaning Services is a B-BBEE  Level 1 rated company,black owned and managed-cleaning services company.The company offers very competitive prices to its prospective client base, while maintaining high quality service at all times.BUSINESS & MARKET Vezimvelo cleaning services is geared to tender and seek for future cleaning opportunities in the market.

Services Offered Include:

Cleaning office blocks

Industrial Cleaning
Cleaning factories and Warehouses

Cleaning educational and sporting facilities

Cleaning services to Hotels, Resorts and Casinos

Cleaning Shopping centres and Malls

Cleaning Taxi Ranks, Airports, Bus stations,Train stations and car washing

Deep Cleaning
Ablutions, Change rooms and Toilets

We offer cleaning services to hospitals,clinics

Cleaning high level areas, Windows, Dusting of beams, Light fittings