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Vezimvelo Horticulture is a young, dynamic, and proudly South African landscaping company based in Cape Town. Mr IV Tshabalala, MD and Founder, established Vezimvelo in January 2012 and is passionate about gardening Horticulture and conservation.


Vezimvelo Horticulture can deliver world-class horticultural functions. These functions are uniquely designed for each client to suit their hearts…

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On Tuesday, 8th November 2016, we invited fifty-six guests to a special dinner at our Home. In order to ensure that everything was really "spick and span" we arranged for our garden service to cut the grass and clean up where necessary. At 10:30 on Tuesday morning, we received a phone call from the owner saying he could not do the job.We were truly upset as he had let us down at the last moment and obviously because we wanted to look our best.

Basil Fester

I am writing to tell you how impressed I was with the service provided to me by Vezimvelo Horticulture. At the time I owned a large plot of land upper Frensaye that was very overgrown. Vezimvelo Horticulture cleared our plot by felling a number of trees, cutting the grass down to a manageable level and applying a herbicide to alien trees and shrubs (to eradicate them). All the debris was removed from the site.

Jeff Boekstein

REFERENCE IAN Ian Tshabalala was employed by Real Landscapes and Turftek in the position of Site Manager at our Cape Town Branch from February 2006 to February 2010. Ian started as a site supervisor at Parliamentary gardens and then worked to Site Manager in Century City. For the past year he has worked at Burgundy Mashie course overseeing day to day running of this site falling under Derick Germishuys.

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